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Friday Night Emergency

Friday evening, my hubby and I went to the Client Appreciation Gala for Granite Financial. It was held in the beautiful Petroleum Club in Downtown Ft. Worth. The food was delish!! When we came home, we began to relax from our night on the town and from a busy work week. Now, our dogs have been fighting a lot– a lot! And it could be over food, a bone, my lap, anything can trigger it. Well, all of sudden I heard growling and then a fight erupted, before I could even get to them. I knew it was bad this time, and when my husband picked up Gus, I looked at his sweet little face, and sure enough, blood was pouring out of his eye!!! Oh, I just felt awful!! And Gus is so sweet and gentle, he never cries or whines, or initiates the fighting. He was just there in my husband’s arms, silent, and the pain was evident on his face. We threw on the nearest shoes (I, in my pj’s, grabbed my silver bejeweled sandals- this was not a time to worry about fashion–) grabbed Gus’ blanket, keys/purse and jumped in the car. We sped to the pet hospital which is open 24 hours, all the while praying that he will be ok and no permanent damage is done. He just looks pitiful. He is squinting his eyes and blood is steadily streaming out of the right eye. When we arrived, the wonderful people at VCA Pet Hospital whisked us back to a room. After getting everything checked out, turns out there were scratches around the eyelid and rim of the eye, and the eye itself had a small scratch on it. We were instructed to put eyedrops in, but no permanent damage was done!! Our Gussie was such a trooper! I just felt awful though, and responsible. As his mother I should protect my babies from all harm. Our dogs are like people to us! Anyway by the time we left at 11:30ish Friday night, his eye was looking much better although still red and swollen around the eye. Thank goodness he will be ok! Sidenote: We are getting them both neutered very soon to hopefully help with the aggression. We are also looking into doing Bark Busters for some behavioral training.