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Living Room Rug

Living Room Rug

I have been on the search for the perfect living room rug… on a budget. We have oak hardwood floors (which I love) in the entry, living and dining room. When we first bought the house, we purchased a dark brown thick jute rug from Crate and Barrel. We paid a pretty penny for it, too. Well, a year and 2 puppies later, this rug was not working for our space. First, it was too dark… just sorta weighed down the room. Second, too thick. Third, too small (6×9). The room really needs an 8×10 or larger. The final straw was when our jute rug became the spot of choice for our puppies to relieve themselves. I guess something about the texture made it seem like the place to go. Needless to say, we got rid of the rug after having it for only 1 year. Oh, also it was very rough. If you sat in it for any length of time, you would be left with imprints of the rug in your knees, legs, etc. I wanted something soft that invited people to sit and lounge on it, as well as a place for our future babies to play on.

Which leads us to where we are now: Rugless. I’m okay with it for now because our floors are pretty, but the room needs something to warm it up and ground our furniture. So I currently am on the hunt for the perfect rug. I would like something large, neutral colored, soft, easy to clean and maintain, looks expensive, but costs very little. I am debating on a wool jute rug in a smaller weave and lighter color. I love the texture of seagrass/jute/natural fibers, however, I am worried that it will not have the plush feel I am looking for. I have also debated on an oriental rug in a subtle, neutral pattern. This would give the space a timeless look, but I am not sure if I want to go that route (might be too traditional). I also like something fun and contemporary like this:


Or like this:


This I found on Home The price is very reasonable and since it is an indoor/outdoor rug, it can be hosed down! Sometimes indoor/outdoor rugs are not the softest, but this one appears soft. Which color do you like better?

Which rug would you go with– jute/seagrass, oriental, or something like in the photo?