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Summer is Here!

Summer is Here!

Summer is officially here & it feels so good! Last week I packed up my classroom and Friday said my good-bye’s after turning in my keys. It felt kinda strange to see my classroom empty and to be saying good-bye because this has been my workplace for nearly 3 years. I feel blessed to be beginning a new season and a new job. I cannot tell you how light I feel, like a 2 ton weight of bricks that has been on shoulders for 3 years is gone!!! I feel so much peace about where the Lord is taking me.

This week, I have been catching up with friends, old and new. Saturday, a big group of us went to Campania’s Pizza in Southlake Town Square to celebrate the end of my teaching career. It was so fun and laid back. Their pizza is so good! Sunday, my husband and I relaxed and decided last minute Sunday to go to Six Flags! Ha! We have not been there since we were dating and we felt like “kids” again! It was nice because it was in the evening, so the temperature was a little cooler (not much though) and there were no lines. Monday, I worked out, hit up Ulta for some new make-up, and then several of us got together to watch the Bachelorette. What do you guys think of Ali? I think she is really cute and fun, kind of a “girl next door” type.

We laughed so hard at Chris N. (I think that’s his name) because he seems to be lurking in the background in every shot with the strangest look on his face! I don’t think he and & Ali have even talked, but she keeps giving him a rose! He is the one on the right. We discussed that it is possible that he and Ali have talked and the footage has been edited out, because maybe he makes it really far?? I guess we’ll have to see :)

We all like Roberto! Something about Latin men ;)

Then last night, we had our young adults group at church and got to see a lot of friends that I hardly see because work has kept me so busy! It’s been WONDERFUL to see old friends and catch up with new ones! I’m learning that people are so important and it’s vital to have a network of close friends surrounding you. Work is very important, and I completely believe in giving 110% percent at your workplace and having good work ethic, but people and relationships are even more important. I’m excited to be able to have more time to devote to my husband and family and friends.

In celebration of summer, I’m posting some pics with black and white stripes. I love black and white stripes and something about it feels so summery to me!

PS- I’m going to work on taking more pictures and posting them, as well as blogging more than once a month!