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How To: Create a Flower Pin

The other day, I tried my hand at making a flower pin. I had seen tutorials all over blogland, and I loved the ones over at Jones Design Company. Go over and check out her step-by-step instructions.

This flower is so easy to make! Here are a few pictures:

1. Gather your supplies: polyester silk, green felt, pins, stick-on rhinestones, scissors, glue gun and a candle.

2. Cut 3-4 concentric circles out of the silk… I did 4 circles and I didn’t even measure them.

3. Carefully singe the edges of the silk until it starts curling up. Its ok if you burn them too much, this can be trimmed off.

4. Using your glue gun, affix the layers together. Also attach the rhinestones to the center of the flower. You could also use beads, buttons, or any other doo-dads.

5. Cut leaves out of the felt. Also cut out a circle that will go on the back of the flower. Glue them on the back.

6. Finally, glue on the pin backing, and you’re done!

I put one of the flowers on a pillow on the guest room bed. I like how it adds just a little something to the room.

I’m planning on making more and creating hair clips.

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