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How To: Hang Art on the Wall

Well, I know what some people might be thinking, “Hanging a picture on a wall is simple. You just take a nail and hammer it into the wall, and voila!”

That might be true, but often times, it takes a bit more trial and error to make art look good hanging on a wall. So maybe this post would be better titled, “How To Make Art Look Good on the Wall.”:)

The method I am going to show you is not new, in fact the idea has been floating around the blogosphere for awhile. But it’s very simple and it works. Isn’t that what matters anyway? Simple and easy.


This is in my master bedroom.

How To Hang Art on the Wall:

1.Remove everything from the walls.

2. Use craft paper, butcher paper, or the backside of wrapping paper (this is what I used) and lay a large piece of the paper on the ground.

3. Begin to lay the frames on top of the paper, playing around with it until you come up with an arrangement that you like. I started with my largest piece and then worked around that. Keep in mind balance and proportion. You don’t want to put a tiny frame by itself next to a big frame; it will look unbalanced.

Mirrors, empty frames, sconces, initials, and original artwork were some of the pieces I incorporated. Gold frames unified everything.

4. Use a Sharpie to trace around each item.

I had 2 groupings of wall hangings- one for each sided of the doorway. The 2 groupings were mirror images of each other to achieve a sense of symmetry and balance.

5. Hang the paper on the wall where you want the arrangement to be.

*Tip- I tried and tried to get several kinds of tape to stick to my walls. Finally my hubby suggested used thumbtacks to hold the paper up, and it worked!

Keep in mind that you want the pictures to be at eye level. One of the most common mistakes people make, including myself, is hanging things TOO HIGH!

{You can see that here I was still using the tape to hold my paper in place.}

6. Begin hanging each item in its rightful place. Make sure to use a level to make sure things are STRAIGHT!! I usually try to just “eyeball-it” but I’m always glad when I go ahead and just use a level.

7. Once everything is hung on the wall, you will have to remove everything so you can take down the paper. Then re-hang, and you’re done!


This is my fail-proof way to hang artwork on your walls and get it to look good! The entire process went much more quickly than I expected.

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