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Putting It All Away

Can you believe Christmas is already over? Seems like yesterday we were hauling boxes of decor out of the attic and now it’s already time to put it all away. Every year I look for easy and inexpensive storage solutions that will make packing everything up go more smoothly… and protect my sacred valuables from year to year.

Here are some awesome (& cheap!) ideas that I have found:

Ornament Storage Box

This concept is nothing new, except the price on Target’s version is one of the lowest I’ve seen. The $19.99 price tag is appealing, especially if you have to purchase multiples due to the large number of ornaments you own (like yours truly).

Wreath Storage Box

Container Store offers this corrogated box for storing wreaths for only $9.99. I do not own this but the box appears to be roomy enough for more than 1 wreath. I may need this ASAP!

Oversized All-Purpose Bag

Also from the Container Store, this water proof all-purpose bag is large enough to store a Christmas tree 8-10′ long. I’m thinking this would be the perfect solution for storing garlands. I find getting garlands to fit in those Rubbermaid totes to be tricky. This is on sale for $9.99!

Light Storage Box

This is genius! How many times have I tried to corral those pesky strings of Christmas lights and stuff them back in the box they came in? And they never fit back in the same way! This amazing box comes with 4 cord wraps. With the small box ringing up for only $14.99, I’m thinking I need to add this to my shopping list as well.

There are so many more ideas out there for neatly storing holiday decor, but these are some of my favorite!

By the way, I was not paid for any of this. I just like to share tips that I have found along the way.