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My Favorite Cleaning Products

Thanks for stopping by! This month, I am focusing on cleaning and organizing our homes, just in time for Spring.

Truth be told, I kinda like cleaning. I always enjoyed cleaning my room as a child. Now that I have a house, husband and 3 dogs, I still LOVE having a clean home but I don’t want to spend all my free time cleaning. Especially when I work full-time outside the home. I love walking down the cleaning aisle at the store (I’m a dork, I know :) ) and finding new products to try. But how many of you know that can get expensive after awhile! Now I stick to my tried and true favorites! Today, I wanted to share those with you.

1. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products

I loooooove Mrs. Meyers!! Her products work amazingly! And they really do smell wonderful- they actually make me happy when I’m using them!

My favorite scent is Geranium. They are pricier than normal products, but they are green and come in cute packaging. I don’t mind leaving a bottle of one of her products on the counter because they look so darn cute.


2. Pledge

Good ole pledge is a stand-by of mine. Nope, that means I am not totally “green” when it comes to my cleaning products, but its the only product in this post that isn’t green. It does a fantastic job of shining my furniture and cleaning off fingerprints, but it also works wonders on my stainless steel fridge! It removes all smudges with no effort! Gotta love a product that multi-tasks!


3 .Nature’s Miracle

This stuff is second to none when it comes to cleaning up pet stains! I love that it is completely natural which means it is safe for me, our dogs and the planet. My favorite thing about Nature’s Miracle is that it works better at removing tough pet stains than anything I have seen and there is no harsh odor! If you have a pet, you need this.


4. Dish Wand

Ok, dish wands (the kind with the handle that allows for filling with dish soap) have been around forever, but they make washing dishes a snap! I hardly have to get my hands wet.

5. Cleaning Rags

Since I began keeping a stack of cleaning rags on hand, the amount of paper towels we use has dramatically dropped! Great for our budget and the environment (another point for being green!). I think they work better than paper towels, too. And when they are dirty, I just throw them in the washing machine. Easy peasy.

6. Dryer Balls

Another thing I do not buy anymore are dryer sheets. Yes, they smell so good, but are full of toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. Like I said, I am not 100% green, but switching to dryer balls is one small  change that we have made. Again, benefits us, our environment and our budget.

7. Dyson

I am in love with my Dyson. Literally. In two years of marriage, we had been through 2 vacuum cleaners. If we continued to average one vacuum cleaner per year, that adds up over a lifetime! I finally got smart and asked for a Dyson for Christmas last year. My mother in law got it for us and I have loved it ever since! Seriously, this thing sucks up SO much nastiness! Every time I empty the canister, I am amazed! Best part of all, I can use it on all my floors- hardwood, ceramic tile, carpets, and rugs- and the attachments are a breeze to use!


What are your favorite cleaning products? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear!

I was not compensated in any way for talking about any of these products. These are simply my favorites, and wanted to share them with you.