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How To: Organize the Mail

Sorry for the break in blogging. We had a sweet friend at work unexpectedly pass away and then my parents came in town. Anyway, I’m back in the saddle today with more organizing projects to share!

I want to share how I organize my mail on a daily basis. This system is by no means perfect, nor rocket science. But sometimes the best systems are the most simple! {I must give credit where credit is due. I was inspired by this blog.}

First of all, it is so important to have a plan in place for handling mail. And not just mail… but paper in general, invitations, schedules, business cards, coupons, etc. Today, however, I’m just focusing on incoming mail. If you do not have a system for handling the mail, before you know it, the mail will become a mountain and take over your life {and I’m talking in a matter of days!}. Sounds dramatic, right? Oh, that’s only the half of it!

So, I found an old magnetic holder leftover from my teaching days and some colorful file folders, and voila!

Here is my lovely mail holder:


I labeled the file folders, “File Me” and “Shred Me” and put them in the larger compartment of the magnetic holder and stuck the holder to the side of the fridge.

Right when I come home and open my mailbox, I come into the kitchen and open the mail. Anything that can be recycled {envelopes, flyers, basically anything without our names/addresses on it} goes into a pile to be taken to the recycling bin in the garage. Items that need to be filed go in to the folder labeled “File Me” to be filed in our filing cabinet at the end of the week. Anything with our names and addresses on it go into the folder entitled “Shred Me”. Larger coupons such as the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons or Groupon coupons go in front of the file folders. See the green thingamajig on the right? That is my nifty little business card holder {for containing contact info for household purposes such as the plumber, electrician, etc… my hubby gets his own business card holder for his business contacts}.

On Saturday, I take a few minutes to file any items in the “File Me” folder and shred any items in the “Shred Me” folder.

I try my best to follow the routine every day. But sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. In that case, I just get to it when I can, trying not to go more than a couple days without opening and sorting the mail. After all, it only takes a few minutes and goes such a long way to keeping my home in order! Having a system that works for me and is no-brainer to implement each day makes the task SO much easier!


See how discreet my mail holder is? And it’s so functional! Plus I used things I already owned to conquer the mail monster! I have tried a couple different ways to organize the mail and this way works for me in the phase of life. Probably someday down the line, I’ll tweak it to fit our needs.

Do you have a system for handling mail? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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