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Itchin’ to Paint Again…

A few weekends ago, I was tackling my to-do list around the house and began filling holes in the walls with spackle. Let me just say there were a lot of holes to fill as a result of my hammer-happy … Continue reading


I’ve been working on some small updates in my office this week. I will post pictures soon! I helped a sweet friend last night with her living area. She is newly married and needed some ideas for merging her style … Continue reading

Traditional Christmas

I am busy busy busy (like everyone else) finishing up work, last minute errands, and wrapping galore! It can be hectic but so fun at the same time! Can’t believe Christmas is days away. Today I’m loving these spaces decorated … Continue reading

Dave & Joi's Office

Dave & Joi’s Office

I’m loving this office space that belongs to Dave and Joi of Nuestra Vida Dulce. I’m such a sucker for black and white, and those curtains are rockin! Even more impressive is, she hand-painted those babies! I also really like … Continue reading